Marketing Cyber Security Solutions Without Using Scare Tactics

The easiest and perhaps most effective way of convincing customers they need to buy and use a cybersecurity solution is by showing the terrifying consequences of not implementing cyber defenses. Data breaches, leaked personal information, exposure to customers’ sensitive records are the obvious results of vulnerable networks. Loss of funds, reputation, business, stability and customer trust are the long-term effects of cyber-attacks.

Marketers depend on these factors when persuading potential clients to use a certain product or service. Statistics, much like the following, are a common device when laying out a cause and effect marketing strategy.

While all these soundbites are true, facts like these are used to incite so much fear in customers that they see no other option than purchasing cybersecurity solutions. This can be effective, but can also begin a company/client relationship under a veil of anxiety and uneasiness.

Credibility Wins the Long Game

The best thing a cybersecurity company can do when trying to gain new customers is present the facts. Customers are primed to see through outlandish claims or embellished truth. Exaggerating a company’s capabilities can harm them more than it can help them.

Customers, especially ones looking for quality security solutions, are wary of unrealistic selling points. If a security team is on-call during business hours, it is unfair to promise clients on-demand assistance 24/7. However, it is still useful to mention the on-call feature for what it is, proving a company’s dedication to protecting digital landscapes.

Truth goes a long way in communicating with customers. It builds credibility and, as a result, trust, which is like currency in gaining long-term clients: the more customers have in a company, the longer they will remain loyal.

Inspiring Teamwork

A common characteristic of cybersecurity companies is the collaboration they seek, employ and find successful when working with a client. Use this trait to your advantage. Instead of scaring a customer into buying a product, make them believe in the potential of a partnership with a cyber security company.

You can inspire teamwork between two entities by showing the consequences of such a relationship. A cyber security company often works with a client to understand its core mission, values and needs. The client can provide insight into what vulnerabilities need protection. Together, they strengthen each other. Leveraging this positive impact can only benefit cyber security marketing strategies.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Consumers love examples. Proof that a solution works speaks volumes to the success of a company. Therefore, collecting, writing and distributing testimonials are an extremely compelling way to market a cyber security company.

Testimonials can range from the singular pulled quote on a website’s homepage to an extended case study. All methods of providing previous examples of how a solution can be implemented and can protect a company’s network play a role in presenting cybersecurity as a good option. With such a saturation of cyber security solutions on the market today, any confirmation of success and satisfaction from other customers demonstrates a cybersecurity company’s authority.

Customers often won’t take a marketers or even a company’s own word for it. They expect validation and testament a solution has done, and will do, as advertised.

Intimidation No Longer

Knowing the facts of the damages cyber-attacks can cause is important and shouldn’t be diminished. However, those statistics are not the only way to grab a customer’s attention. Intimidation is not the only way of guiding someone to a purchase.

The above practical approaches to marketing a cyber security company can bridge companies seeking trustworthy solutions with digital experts hoping to defend against hackers. Creating strong partnerships, taking advantage of testimonials and establishing credibility through honest marketing all take an apprehensive topic and turn it into a helpful service.