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How to Create Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Marketing your law firm can be done successfully in many different ways. You can build a network of referral partners, develop a strong internet presence to drive traffic and leads to your website, and you can advertise in places where your target market might be. You might be doing these activities already, but the item you’re probably […]

6 Ways to Jump-start Your Law Firm’s M&BD Program

The world and the legal profession – especially smaller and midsize law firms – are changing radically and rapidly. To adapt to these changes, the future requires thoughtful, proactive planning and bold leadership so law firms can respond to challenges and compete as viable entities. Marketing and business development are the lifeblood of any business. Marketing communicates […]

Law Firm SEO: What You Need to Know as a Legal Administrator

law firm seo

Legal administrators help their law firm in a diverse number of ways, including with marketing planning and execution. This is especially true for mid-size law firms where the legal administrator will take on a large percentage of the day-to-day operations so that each attorney can focus on what they do best – providing legal services. If you […]