Architecture Engineering and Construction Marketing

Marketing in the Construction Industry

It feels a bit disingenuous to lump Architecture, Engineering, and Construction all under the same marketing umbrella, so we prefer to think of them as all separate but related industries that can learn marketing tips and tricks from each other.

Architecture Firm Marketing

To start with the beginning of the alphabet: marketing strategies for architecture firms.

Whether you’re designing skyscrapers or custom homes, bridges or driveways, the number one job of your architecture firm marketing team is to convince prospective clients that your firm is the best – the most creative, the most innovative, and – perhaps most importantly – the most precise.

The same principles apply here as in other situations: reviews, case studies, and content written for the layman. But of the three A/E/C industries, yours is probably most affected by the design-feel of your brand. Does everything to do with your brand feel like the blueprints you produce? If you’re designing homes, you don’t want your website to look/feel like you’re designing skyscrapers – and vice versa!

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Web Design & Marketing for Engineering Firms

As an engineering firm, your biggest marketing and branding challenge is straddling the line between being just technical enough and not too technical. Some of your clients may know a lot while others know next to nothing. Providing content for both audiences can be challenging, but it is definitely worth the effort.

In fact, the first place to start might be your website. Are the design and content communicating the right message, right from the start? Learn more about how to effectively communicate your technical brand…

Marketing for Construction

You might be part of a big firm or a small, independent contractor – either way your most important construction marketing and branding tool is your reputation. We can help you build up your online portfolio, field customer satisfaction surveys, and remind your satisfied customers to review your brand online. You are what and how you build. Are you doing enough to help your prospective clients know your reputation?

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