Cybersecurity Marketing & Crisis Communications

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds these days, so how do you differentiate your brand from the other firms offering similar services?

It all starts with branding, marketing, and design.

But flash without substance isn’t going to get you anywhere, which is why we always recommend that our cybersecurity partners work on establishing themselves as trustworthy through content before we tackle design.

Why Content Matters When Your Business is Data

A content strategy is key for all cybersecurity businesses for one, very important reason: most people know nothing about data – what it looks like, where it lives, or how it’s secured. They just know that it is a major pain/worry when their data is exposed.

Your job, therefore, isn’t just to protect your clients’ data, but educate them about the whats and whys and hows of your industry. There have been too many large data breaches in recent years for anyone to sign up on blind trust. You’re going to have to work harder to attract and retain clients, and that work starts with content they can trust.

Cybersecurity Crisis Communications & What a Trustworthy Brand Looks Like

Did you know that a lot of software companies are blue because it’s the most trustworthy color? Or that firms like McAfee chose red and yellow because those are colors of danger and protection?

Details make a big difference when it comes to brand, even seemingly silly things like color. And these trust symbols can make all the difference in a crisis.

Your brand – from your logo to your website to the tone of your Facebook posts – is making an impression on a potential customer right now. What do they see and feel?

Want to make sure your customers know you have their backs and are anticipating problems before they arise – even before they contract your services? We can help!

Got a PR crisis and need to reassure your existing and prospective customers? We can help you with that, too.


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