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Healthcare and health information have a bit of a rocky relationship with the internet. After all, you can Google your symptoms and find out that you just have the common cold, or alternatively you might be dying of some rare disease that only affects 0.0007% of the population, but THAT MIGHT BE YOU.

We get that it’s difficult to build a relationship with your patients these days – both online and in-person.

Strangely enough, marketing, design, and healthcare SEO can help you with this problem.

Make a Connection through Personalized Content Marketing

Whether you are a healthcare provider or a healthcare technology company, the number one job of your brand is to make a connection between doctors and patients. For healthcare providers, this is pretty straightforward, but for healthcare technologies, your brand needs to convince both the doctors and the patients that you can improve their connection or interactions in some ways.

For healthcare providers, put in place automated appointment follow-up emails, electronic communications, and maybe even a 24-7 non-emergency question line manned by nurses, midwives or NPs.

Healthcare technology companies can use case studies and testimonials to prove how their technology improves the patient experience and connection to healthcare providers.

Become a Resource Using Healthcare SEO Techniques

The best way to get patients to stop Googling their symptoms? Become their source for information (either online or off). Whether you offer live chat services, a symptoms checker, or just informational pages on common illnesses and when to seek treatment, you can – and should be – your patients’ first stop for medical information. Use healthcare SEO techniques to increase the likelihood your current and potential patients will click on your website first.

Need help setting up a marketing and SEO campaign to convey how you help patients and doctors connect? We can help!


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