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Law firm marketing and branding isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are some best-practices whether you practice contract law or criminal defense.

In fact, we’ll let you in on a secret most branding and marketing firms don’t want you to know: the basic principles of branding and marketing are always going to be the same, no matter your industry.

But just as with the law, the devil is in the details when it comes to marketing and branding, and it’s those details that will make or break your case (pun intended).

Where does every case start? Discovery.

Research is a marketing staple, but not a lot of places take the time to do it. We highly recommend implementing Customer Satisfaction Surveys to find out not only how clients felt about your services, but how they found you and why they chose you.

Once you’re armed with those details, you’re ready to dig into developing the case for why people should choose your firm.

Building Your Case: Law Firm SEO and Content Marketing

You wouldn’t walk into the courtroom without evidence – the case would get thrown out. So make sure your prospective clients have enough evidence in front of them to make their time exploring your firm worthwhile. A few things to get you started:

  • Informative pages on your services built and written with SEO in mind
  • Blog posts on different types of case, what to keep in mind when looking for a firm, etc.
  • Customer reviews and successful case stories

All of these combine to form a solid case for your firm. It’s pretty easy to put search terms into Google and find out what a Class A felony is. But it’s not as easy to judge how hard your lawyer will work for you. The effort you put into the information you freely give on your site goes a long way to impress potential clients, and reviews/case studies will seal the deal.

The Jury’s Still Out

You’ve done everything you can but maybe a lot of potential clients still aren’t picking up the phone or filling out your contact form. Our best piece of advice? Don’t forget to be human.

In the courtroom or the boardroom, you definitely use emotional appeal and identification as one of your strategies. Don’t forget that this works in your marketing and branding, too. Look back over your website and blog and check to make sure that it’s written for non-lawyers who just want to understand what they’re in for when they hire your firm and move forward with their case. (Just don’t forget those SEO tags and keywords!)

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