SaaS Marketing, Branding & Design

You’ve got a software and it provides a pretty amazing service to your prospective clients, but how to convince them…

We may offer branding and design company, but the first thing we’re going to tell you is that it takes more than a great logo to get clients interested in your SaaS.

Which is probably good for us since you likely already have a great logo.

(If you don’t, we can help!)

But for now let’s stick to your overall brand and how to establish your SaaS company in the market.

SaaS Marketing Plan

  • Do – Create a promo video
  • Don’t – Make your promo video so vague it’s impossible to tell what your software does
  • Do – Have how-to guides, FAQs, and best practices
  • Don’t – Put them behind a paywall or leave them off your primary navigation (at least for the most basic ones)

See the pattern yet? People who are looking for a SaaS to address a pain point want to make sure it’s going to actually address that pain point before they put it on the list of contenders or send it up the chain to the boss.

The best part? Not only are prospective more clients more likely to click into your sales funnel, but they’re better prepared when they do! Putting enough information out there on your website to let people actually get a taste for what your SaaS can do is the number one thing you can do to help your salespeople seal the deal because they will already be working with qualified leads.

Need help qualifying your leads? We’ve got you.


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